Treat prostatitis at home quickly: methods, tools, gymnastics

Inflammation of the prostate is a very insidious disease, which is quite easy to get.a man with inflammation of the prostateThe treatment process takes many years and does not always lead to a full recovery. This disease is characterized by extremely unpleasant symptoms. The patient has difficulty urinating, his sex life is disturbed and infertility occurs. For a quick treatment of prostatitis at home, you will need a whole range of activities, consisting of gymnastics, massage and medication.

Symptoms of the disease

pain in a man with prostate

The definition of prostatitis is quite simple. It is characterized by the following signs:

  • First of all, the urination process is interrupted. It is done intermittently and not completely. In the future, as the inflammatory process develops, the person begins to experience painful sensations while going to the toilet.
  • Sex life with prostate deteriorates significantly. During intercourse, rapid ejaculation occurs, and at night, prolonged erections.
  • Painful sensations are observed in the perineum. Too often, patients suffer from a burning sensation that does not appear only when urinating.
  • Urine becomes brown or, conversely, remains transparent, but with some secretions.

The general condition of the patient also deteriorates markedly. His work capacity decreases, there is increased fatigue and drowsiness.

Causes of occurrence

This disease is an inflammatory process that occurs in the prostate gland. It appears more often for a number of reasons:

  • Irregular sexual activity, due to which blood stagnates in the small pelvis.
  • One of the main reasons is infection with fungal and venereal diseases.
  • Hypothermia and a weak immune system cause inflammation.various causes of prostate disease in menThis process is not always accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature or pain. Very often, the inflammation is asymptomatic and makes itself felt only after a few months.
  • Hormonal disorders also lead to this disease.

At risk are older people, as well as some categories of people with the following disabilities:

  • Burra kaps.
  • Alcohol and smoking abusers. Vasoconstriction leads to impaired blood circulation, and the body poisoned by toxins is unable to fight inflammation.
  • People with rude and ascetic sex lives who prefer not to have sex are in the same position. Any extreme negatively affects the health of the genitourinary system.
  • After surgery on the pelvic organs. The patient should be monitored by the attending physician to prevent the onset of prostatitis.

The disease can be detected using secretions of blood, urine and prostate. For completeness, an ultrasound scan should be done.

Forms of the disease

There are atypical, congestive and infectious prostates. Each of them has its own cause, which is not typical for other species. For example, when it is atypical in patients, benign or malignant neoplasms form in the prostate gland, which do not make themselves felt for a long time.

Infectious prostatitis, as you might guess, occurs as a result of the entry of fungi, bacteria or viruses.

The most popular type of the disease is congestive prostatitis, which occurs as a result of hypothermia or circulatory disorders due to a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol intake and smoking.

Medical treatment

Many patients do not know how to heal the prostate. To get rid of prostatitis, you should definitely take anti-inflammatory agents and other pharmaceuticals.

  • Depending on the nature of the disease, the doctor prescribes antifungal, antiviral drugs or medicines aimed at eliminating protozoan infections. Too often, patients take antibiotics along with medications that restore the stomach microflora.
  • Homemade prostate massage is a very effective medicine in the fight against the disease.
  • In order for the urination process to pass painlessly and completely, there is a drug such as "Furosemide". It is prescribed for acute renal and hepatic failure to facilitate urethral function.
  • When treating this disease, you can not do without anti-inflammatory drugs. At high temperatures, take "Paracetamol" or acetylsalicylic acid.
  • Pain relievers with antispasmodic properties will help relieve pain. This is first aid for prostatitis at home. The most popular drugs include: sodium metamizole, valerian vasodilator tablets.

To strengthen the immune system, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and take multivitamin complexes. Food products may not always provide a sick person with all the necessary substances.

Menu for prostatitis

Doctors usually recommend the following foods:

  • Sea fish and river instead of meat. It is not only rich in protein but also contains phosphorus, in addition, sea oily fish is a source of omega 3 and 6 polyunsaturated amino acids.pumpkin juice in the treatment of prostatitisRed or black caviar has a similar composition.
  • Vegetable oils should also be included in the daily diet. If it is not possible to eat at least one serving of fresh seasonal salad with vegetable oil every day, then it can be taken separately, one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach. The most beneficial for prostatitis are pumpkin seed oil and flaxseed oil. Flaxseed product contains a large amount of omega 3 and 6 acids, as well as vitamins E and D. They rejuvenate the body, restore cellular respiration and heal the tissues of internal organs.
  • Particular attention should be paid to lactic acid products. In addition to all the beneficial properties that kefir or yogurt have, these drinks also contribute to the healing and restoration of the stomach microflora. It should be borne in mind that with any drug treatment, the beneficial flora disappears, as a result of which dysbiosis often occurs. The longer the treatment lasts, the more likely you are to have chronic constipation or diarrhea. The patient's health condition significantly deteriorates, weakness and apathy appear. Dysbiosis is characterized by dehydration and a gray complexion. By consuming yogurt, you can protect yourself from such annoyance.
  • Fresh and boiled vegetables with a large amount of vitamin A are essential for men during the prostate treatment period. Special attention should be paid to carrots and squash. The seeds can be consumed throughout the day and it is advisable to take the juice from this vegetable every morning on an empty stomach. For better assimilation of vitamins, add a few drops of each vegetable oil to the juice.
  • It is recommended to include in the menu products with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Berries like raspberries, currants and blueberries contain acetylsalicylic acid. Horseradish, garlic and onion slow down inflammation and promote healing. By knowing how to treat prostatitis yourself, with the help of a diet, you can significantly speed up the healing process.

During the treatment period, you should drink as much fluid as possible. It is recommended to take herbal teas and decoctions of roses. They have diuretic properties and improve blood microcirculation in the small pelvis.

Folk remedies

Sometimes patients wonder how to get rid of prostatitis at home. If the disease is not infectious and is more associated with stagnation of blood in the small pelvis, then you can use traditional medicine. Many of them have proven themselves well among patients and have many positive reviews. Treatment methods include: self-prepared suppositories, decoctions of medicinal herbs and all kinds of homemade oils.

The soups are consumed within no more than 10 days, after which they take a break and continue the treatment again. Drink about three cups of the medicine every day. Candles are inserted once or twice a day for a week. Before placing suppositories, you should empty your stomach, wash your anus, and lie on your stomach. Once the candle is inserted, the patient should lie down for at least half an hour to fully disperse the agent into the rectum.

And also with this disease, all kinds of tinctures have been proven excellent, helping both in the cure of the prostate and in the prevention of the disease.

Collection of medicinal plants

As a rule, the following plants are used for prostate: plantain leaves, St. John's wort, wheat grass, celandine, burdock root and oak bark.horseradish root for the treatment of prostatitisHerbs are prepared as regular tea. Used as a bite with honey or dried fruit. The roots and bark should be boiled for half an hour. They have a more concentrated composition and are used in dosed amounts of 3-4 tablespoons per day. This is a very effective home remedy for prostatitis. Many patients prefer to use thermos to prepare herbal tea. This cooking method has several advantages:

  • Allows you to squeeze the maximum amount of nutrients from the raw materials.
  • You can take it with you to work and drink it all day.
  • Thanks to the thermos, you do not have to waste time preparing the next set of tea each time.

For a half liter thermos, it is enough to take five tablespoons of mixed raw materials. Many herbs have high biological activity and it is very discouraged to mix them with alcohol or some medicines. When taking pills and tea, there should be a time interval between them, which is about an hour.

Wax and propolis candles

Suppositories can be made of either wax or propolis. You will need a candle maker and a container for heating the ingredients. A small amount of beeswax is melted in a container, aloe juice, lanolin, geranium essential oil and petroleum jelly are added. The melted mixture is poured into a mold. Suppositories are used as regular suppositories.

Squeeze aloe and buckthorn oil

A swab is prepared from a bandage. It should not be too wide or too narrow. Some long strands are necessarily tied to the end of the product. The tampon itself is also wrapped with thread.buckthorn oil for compresses in the treatment of prostatitisIt is soaked in aloe juice mixed with buckthorn oil. Alternative treatment of prostatitis at home is hard to imagine without this product. Next, the tampon is inserted into the anus and held for two hours. The product is removed using the fibers that remain hanging from the anus. The procedure is repeated twice a day.

Horseradish and ginger tinctures

Both plants have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to alcohol, their effect increases significantly. How to cure prostatitis at home with tinctures? They are prepared quite simply. The duck is twisted through a meat grinder and poured with vodka. The ratio of root crop to alcohol should be 1: 5. That is, half a glass of grated horseradish is needed for a half-liter bottle of vodka. Already after 6 hours, the product can be consumed in an amount of 20 grams before meals. The tincture dilates blood vessels, kills germs and viruses. Ginger has a similar effect.

Onions with red wine

This ancient medicine was used very often to quickly treat prostatitis at home. Onions cut into slices and pour over red wine. The ratio of wine to onion should be 5: 1. The drug is taken twice a day in an amount of 30 grams. It contains all the necessary nutrients that act directly on the diseased organ and allow you to cure prostatitis as soon as possible.

Pumpkin seeds

This is a very effective and popular treatment for prostatitis. Sunflower seeds are consumed according to the following system. In the morning on an empty stomach, eat 10 pieces, at lunch time 5 and before bedtime another 10 pieces. This is repeated for 6 days. From next week, the number of seeds increases by 5 pieces. That is, 15 used in the morning, 10 at lunch and again 15 in the evening. The course of treatment lasts 10 days, after which they switch to the previous scheme.

For those who do not know how to cure prostatitis at home, you can prepare a medicinal composition with honey and nuts. Pressed walnuts and natural liquid honey are added. The tool is taken every day, without missing a single day.

Healing baths

For their preparation, medicinal plants such as chamomile, nettle, celandine and St. John's wort are used. Especially the well-proven treatment of prostatitis with celandine at home. It has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates blood circulation and is excellent for relieving pain. First, a strong soup is prepared and then added to a pre-prepared bath with warm water.

The container should be small and useful. They sit in it, as a rule, no more than 10 minutes, as the liquid cools quickly. A procedure is performed daily, and the course of treatment is usually 10-12 days.

Irish moss

This herb is rich in iodine and is extremely beneficial in the rapid treatment of prostatitis at home. A medicinal decoction is prepared from it, and is also used for a sitz bath.Irish moss bath for the treatment of prostatitisEnemas from the infusion of this plant have proven themselves quite well. The composition should be warm but not hot. Before making an enema, they empty the intestines and wash the anus. Some patients inject a small amount of decoction into the urethra. To do this, the yeast is rested on the urethra and the enema is squeezed hard.

Oak bark infusion

This excellent remedy is prepared as follows. The minced oak bark is poured with alcohol and infused for a week. The composition is occasionally pulled out and shaken. When the product acquires a rich yellow-red hue, it will be considered ready to use. Take in small amounts no more than three times a day. During treatment, you should not eat fried and fatty foods, as well as alcoholic beverages. Food should be as rich as possible and consist of vegetable protein, fresh green vegetables, fermented dairy products, eggs and fish.

Physical exercises

By using special gymnastics to treat prostatitis at home, it is possible to prevent blood clots in the small pelvis. It is advisable to do it simultaneously with the perineum massage. The exercises are quite simple. They can be done all day, regardless of location.

  • The anus muscles are squeezed several times a day. It is recommended to do up to 20 accesses per day.
  • During urination, the current is delayed, counted for 5 seconds and then started again. Thus, the blood is accelerated and the process of blood circulation is improved.
  • Between the knees, squeeze the ball with all their strength, count to 10 and remove. Exercise can be done both sitting and lying on your back.
  • In a standing position, the knees are raised alternately and held for 10 seconds. There should be several approaches.
  • Leaning the body slightly forward, they first take one leg back, and after a while the other.
  • Extremely It is extremely useful for men to do a "birch" during the treatment period. From a prone position, slowly raise your legs up and gently straighten your back.

You can also sit down and run. Quite easy enough to do prostate massage yourself. To do this, they gather down and massage the gland with the index finger into a condom. Very easy to find, as it feels like a nut to the touch. To maximize the benefits of massage, the finger is immersed in the medicine. It could just be buckthorn or pumpkin oil.

Heating ointment

This method has also worked well. Thanks to the warming composition of the compress, blood flow occurs, metabolic processes are improved, pain disappears and healing is significantly accelerated. Often used to treat prostatitis at home. An integrated approach can be removed without surgery. The ointment is applied to the tissue and applied to the perineum. After it, the skin can not be wiped with water, but left as it is. The ingredients for the preparation of the composition are as follows: lanolin, wax, camphor oil, onion juice and fir essential oil. All ingredients are heated in a pan until completely dissolved. If too much oil is prepared, then it should be kept in the refrigerator. At room temperature, this product is stored no more than three days.

In addition to homemade oil, you can also buy pharmaceutical preparations. For example, an oil, which contains birch tar and xeroform, has proven itself well. And also use a cream with bee venom and other bee products. They will help to quickly treat prostatitis at home.

Disease prevention

To protect yourself from developing prostatitis, you need to consider a few rules:

to avoid the occurrence of prostatitis in men, some preventive measures should be taken
  • Eat as few fatty foods as possible. In the daily diet, fried foods should not be more than 10%.
  • A man who has sex seldom risks suffering from many unpleasant diseases related to the genitourinary system. The fact is that carcinogenic substances also accumulate in these organs, and the only way to get rid of them is through active sex life.
  • You need to protect yourself and avoid casual relationships. According to statistics, men who have had a sexually transmitted disease are twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate adenoma.
  • Smokers and alcoholics are also at risk and often suffer from prostatitis.
  • Unfortunately, there is a category of men who have an inherited predisposition to prostate disease. And scientists also noticed a curious feature: more often men with a broad bone suffer from prostatitis.

However, by following all the above rules, the risk of getting prostatitis becomes minimal. There are many ways to treat prostatitis at home. Importers It is important to remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.