How and how to treat prostatitis in men at home

effective treatments for prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is characterized by an acute or chronic inflammatory process of the glandular tissue. Violations occur against the background of stagnation and microtrauma, an infectious wound and the entry of pathogenic microorganisms into the urethral canal.

Treatment of prostatitis in men at home is carried out strictly under the supervision of the attending physician. Therapy for chronic inflammation can last several months, during which a man attends physiotherapy sessions in hospitals, takes medication prescribed by a urologist.

The patient's independent efforts and desire to get rid of the disease play an important role in healing. After completing the course of home therapy, disease prevention is done to prevent its recurrence.

Principles of Home Treatment for Prostate Inflammation

To cope with prostatitis, a complex course of therapy is prescribed, including: taking medication, performing physiotherapy and visiting exercise therapy. During treatment, the urologist adjusts the medication intake.

The period of therapy varies from a few weeks to 2-3 months. During all this time the husband will not be able to stay in the hospital. Hospitalization is required only for acute and infectious prostatitis. In most cases the patient will be in the ambulance, where the fight against inflammation will continue.

Basic urological guidelines and restrictions have been developed:

  • Home diagnosis is not possible. To detect violations, you will need to pass several clinical and biochemical tests. The symptoms of prostatitis, adenoma and some diseases of the genitourinary system are of a general nature, which makes it impossible to determine the pathology without a thorough examination of the body.
  • Comprehensive treatment and prevention of prostatitis at home will be prescribed by a urologist. The doctor will choose the most effective medication, taking into account the contraindications and the presence of allergic reactions. It is the doctor who determines how prostatitis can be cured at home. A man will need to visit a urologist at least once a week throughout the course of therapy.
  • Treatment of acute and infectious prostatitis begins with compulsory hospitalization of the patient. At home, therapy begins only after the deterioration has subsided.
  • Self-medication for chronic prostatitis is ineffective and even dangerous. Patients, as statistics show, often simply relieve pain syndrome by taking antispasmodics and analgesics. But the absence of symptoms does not mean that the disease has passed. Inflammation persists and becomes chronic.
  • Latent-borne bacterial prostatitis, in contrast to acute and infectious inflammation, does not always require hospitalization of the patient. The man is described with detailed medical treatment of prostatitis at home. During the weekly examination, the urologist monitors the results of the therapy and adjusts the medication intake.

The fastest method of treatment is the traditional method with a combination of medication, physiotherapy and other procedures. It will not be possible to completely abandon the official medicine.

Techniques used at home are intended to consolidate the outcome of therapy, as well as to prevent disease and prevent relapse.

Home remedies for prostate

Inflammation of the prostate gland is difficult to treat and is characterized by a recurrent course. After achieving a lasting remission - the result of taking a course of medication, a man needs to maintain his health, avoiding anything that might provoke a relapse.

Treating prostatitis at home does not mean abandoning the main medicine. Rather, it is an auxiliary measure in the fight against disease, an effective preventive care.

A man suffering from prostate dysfunction should understand well how to act in case of deteriorating health, what to avoid and vice versa, what to do to prevent primary inflammation or its recurrence.

How to relieve pain from a home attack

how to treat prostatitis with medication

As already mentioned, a urologist treats prostatitis and he prescribes all the necessary medications and procedures. But every man should know to provide urgent care in case of a prostate attack: relieving acute pain syndrome and improving urination.

Pain pills and rectal suppositories are used:

  • Tablets- You can ease the worsening of prostatitis by taking some analgesic pills. Eliminates inflammation and relieves pain syndrome Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If it is difficult to fall asleep due to anxiety, a special medication prescribed by a specialist is added to taking analgesics.
  • Microclips and suppositories- formulations based on anti-inflammatory drugs are used as first aid. Rectal suppositories, which are used at home and with urinary retention, relieve pain well.

Provide complete rest during an attack. The husband should lie in bed and try to relax.

And one more warning - taking NSAIDs relieves the symptoms of inflammation, but does not eliminate the disease itself. Often, after the onset of relief, the patient does not rush to see a doctor. At this point, domestic concerns become global and become chronic.

Home Medicine Therapy

Taking painkillers and medicines is only allowed after you have visited a urologist. Long-term use of drugs of the NSAID group relieves the symptoms of the disease and complicates the differentiation of inflammation.

A course of antibiotics is prescribed for bacterial prostatitis. A combination of several medications is often required to defeat an infection. In any case, medicines are not administered on their own. The selection of medication is the task of the urologist. It depends on the patient how carefully he will follow the recommendations.

When taking antibiotics, it is important to complete the full course of therapy. Relief and relief of symptoms occurs in 3-4 days. Antibiotics are taken for 7-10 days, in severe conditions, the period increases to two weeks.

If you stop treating prostatitis with medication prematurely, you may provoke the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria.

Physiotherapy at home

Modern treatments for prostatitis preclude monotherapy. In the fight against the disease, an integrated approach is used: they combine medication with physiotherapy procedures and exercise therapy.

A variety of medical device options have been developed for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis at home. The most popular devices have the following principle of operation:

  • Magnetic therapy- a feature of the work is the use of frequency-varying fields. Magnetotherapy leads to the activation of metabolic processes, the removal of puffiness and the elimination of stagnation.
  • Ultrasound treatment- can reduce pain and alleviate the patient's condition in the presence of dysuric disorders. Under the influence of ultrasonic waves, the tissues heat up, which leads to relaxation of muscle tone and relief of inflammation.

Home physiotherapy with the help of medical equipment is allowed only during the remission period of the disease, provided that there are no tumor processes. If you suspect purulent and bacterial prostatitis, physiotherapy is only possible after undergoing a course of antibiotics.

Another effective way to improve gland function is heat or heat therapy. At home, for this purpose, warm baths deal with the addition of herbal decoctions and sea salt.

A good preventative measure is a contrast bath. For pouring, do not use cold spring or, on the contrary, hot water. The optimum temperature is 20-38 °.

Prostate massage at home

Good therapeutic measure for congestive prostatitis. Massage is necessary to prevent infectious inflammation. A patient diagnosed with prostate needs to visit a urologist at least once every 6 months. During the session, a rectal finger massage is performed.

For prophylactic purposes, gland rubbing can be performed independently. To reduce awkwardness, the procedure is performed by a woman who is a regular sexual partner.

Prostate massage - relieves congestion and increases blood flow. During the massage, the woman sits next to the man and inserts her finger into the anus, the palm of the pubis. Aggressive movements are excluded. Soft fabric permitting is allowed.

If you experience discomfort, cuts and prolonged pain after massage, you should consult a doctor.

Use exercises

exercise as a treatment for prostatitis

A catalyst for prostate inflammation - the stagnation of blood and sperm in the pelvic area. Men who are inactive, work in an office and are overweight are at risk of developing a prostate.

Exercise can significantly improve your well-being. Urologists recommend choosing sports to practice without power load in the pelvic region. Ideal for:

  • Yoga.
  • Qigong.
  • Kegel gymnastics.
  • Running and walking.
  • Cycling or training equipment.
  • Riding.

Kegel gymnastics deserves special mention. In addition to the beneficial effect on prostate function, regular exercise leads to restoration of potency and an improvement in the quality of sex life.

When exercising at home, excessive stress on the body is prohibited. You need to start with short sports activities. As the body learns, the load increases.

The attending physician will make recommendations for choosing a suitable sport along with the patient.

Optimal home treatment for prostatitis includes all of the above: medication, physiotherapy, sports and prostate massage. An integrated approach accelerates patient recovery and helps milk a lasting remission of illness.

Preventing prostatitis at home

Inflammation of the prostate is characterized by a repetitive course. The most effective treatments take into account the high likelihood of disease recurrence. Upon completion of a course of drug therapy, the patient is given general urological recommendations created to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Effective prevention involves following these guidelines:

  • Eating habits- it is much easier to fight prostatitis if you refuse those foods that contribute to overweight and glandular disruption. Fatty, salty and smoked foods are prohibited. Printed food is encouraged. The diet is divided into 5-6 meals a day. A Mediterranean or Japanese diet will work. During the period of deterioration, they eat according to the treatment table no. 5.
  • Lifestyle- sports game, walking in the fresh air has a beneficial effect on a man's emotional background, contributes to the normal functioning of the pelvic organs.
  • Quitting bad habits- The whole course of treating prostatitis at home should be refrained from smoking and alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in exceptional cases. If a man is planning to drink, it is better to choose a safe dose of cognac or red wine.
  • Regular sex life- due to sexual abstinence, tooth blockage occurs, creating preconditions for prostate inflammation. During orgasm, the prostate tissue is naturally massaged. For prevention, regular sexual intercourse is required, 1-2 times a week.

Home remedies for prostatitis can not replace the complex treatment offered by the usual medicine, but are considered a good preventive and preventive measure.