Effective drugs for the treatment of prostatitis

how to treat prostatitis in men with medication

Inflammation of the prostate is one of the most common diseases of men that develops in both young and old age. Therefore, the patient needs to know which medications to treat prostatitis have the greatest effect.

This disease, like all others, tends to take several forms, and treatment depends on the course of the pathology. The basis of therapy is not the relief of inflammation, but the elimination of the cause.

For example, if prostatitis has an infectious etiology, using tests and diagnostic studies, the doctor determines the localization of the infection, its type. After that, antibiotics are usually prescribed. This therapy is called etiotropic.

In addition, symptomatic treatment is offered, which aims at the inflammatory process itself, its elimination and some other methods, such as physiotherapy. An integrated approach leads to the best result.

And now what are the medicines for treating prostatitis in men.

Medications for the treatment of prostatitis

Depending on the etiology of prostatitis, there are three groups of drugs to treat it.

medication to treat prostatitis

First, these are broad-spectrum antibiotics (tetracycline, penicillin), which find the focus of the infection and eliminate it effectively, killing pathogenic microorganisms. These tools are used for infectious prostate.

The second group are alpha-blockers. Designed to improve urine flow by softening the smooth muscles of the prostate as well as toning the bladder. It is often used in combination with antibacterial drugs to increase their action.

Third are hormonal agents (pro-progestogens, estrogens and androgens). They are used in the treatment of non-infectious prostatitis, when the cause of the disease lies in a violation of hormonal levels.

Medications for symptomatic therapy

All the symptoms that the body gives as a signal have long been known by doctors. They were also divided into three major groups. Depending on what worries the patient, the doctor prescribes a certain medication.

rectal suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis

This can be frequent and painful urination (urinary tract problems), premature ejaculation and rectal pain (reproductive system dysfunction), as well as nervous tension due to focusing on your problem.

Much of this "area" is painful, which helps relieve rectal suppositories. It is worth noting that they have a significant advantage compared to the forms of capsules and capsules of drug release - they are applied as close as possible to the area affected by pain.

If we talk about suppositories, then they also act as medicines to treat prostatitis in men. For example, suppositories with propolis, in addition to relieving pain, relieve inflammation.

Other drugs for prostate

Medications for the treatment of chronic prostatitis are chosen by the doctor according to the form of the disease. For example, if the etiology is bacterial, agents containing antibiotics are indicated.

medication to treat prostatitis

Basically, all drugs have a positive effect on the prostate gland, normalize its functions, relieve inflammation, pain syndrome, increase strength.

Medicines from Israel deserve special attention. Medicine in this country is really effective and medicines can give amazing results.

It is recommended that you undergo a full course of treatment, which will last 9 weeks, after which there will be a noticeable improvement.

Important features of prostate treatment

All of the above medications are not recommended for use without consulting a urologist:

  1. First, an unexplained etiology can contribute to the development of more serious diseases of organs and systems.
  2. Second, taking a single drug is not able to give a positive effect on such a pathology.
  3. Third, such treatment can be expensive, time consuming, but useless.

It is important to choose the right therapy and apply it in a complex, that is, to use several methods at the same time. Lifestyle plays an important role in this matter, in particular: food, physical activity and sex life.

The combination of treatment with physiotherapy procedures also contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient and the elimination of the symptoms of this vile disease, which develops in giant steps.