Competent treatment of prostatitis - a summary of the most effective drugs by doctors and patients

Drugs for the treatment of prostatitis

Over the years, the health of a male reproductive system can take its place.

Such changes are quite natural, as nature does not predict the smooth functioning of the genitourinary system of a representative of the stronger sex throughout life.

One of the most common pathologies affecting the organs of the male reproductive system is prostatitis. Read about which medicines will help in the fight against this disease, below.

The best cure for prostatitis in men according to experts

In the modern pharmaceutical field, there are a large number of drugs, the action of which is aimed at eliminating the disease. But they all apply in different situations.

Some drugs are recommended to be used exclusively as a prophylaxis or in the chronic course of the disease, others - during a worsening of prostatitis. In order not to undergo an unsuccessful treatment, medication should only be prescribed by the attending physician.

Various drugs for acute prostatitis in men

Medications for the acute form of the disease:

  1. Free antibody to prostate specific antigen, used in both acute and chronic forms of prostatitis. Despite the affordable price, the effectiveness of the drug is no worse than its expensive counterparts. It is produced in the form of tablets for resorption, the use of which eliminates tissue swelling. The drug is taken for 4 months, 2 tablets twice a day;
  2. Selective blocker of alpha-adrenergic receptors. A noticeable therapeutic effect after taking the pills occurs within 4 hours. The drug relaxes the smooth muscles of the bladder and prostate neck, resulting in a weakening or complete disappearance of the discomfort. Due to the rapid and effective effect, the drug is prescribed mainly during the period of deterioration;
  3. During a worsening of the prostate, a man may experience acute urinary retention. To eliminate the development of such a process, this tool is used, which is a corrective of urodynamics. After taking the pills, the smooth muscles of the prostate and bladder neck relax, due to which the spasm is removed. As a result, the pressure inside the urethra drops and urine flows smoothly.

The use of other antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents is also allowed, allowing you to get a good restorative effect.

Medication for chronic prostate inflammation

Preparations for the chronic form of the disease:

  1. Suppositories and tablets, the main ingredient of which is young bull prostate extract. The use of the drug allows you to reduce swelling, increase the elasticity of blood vessels and improve the trophism of the organ. Regular use of the drug in the form of suppositories or tablets allows you to eliminate stagnant secretion and prevent its thickening. The drug is used in both acute and chronic forms of the disease;
  2. Preparation with creeping palm fruit extract. Refers to the number of affordable remedies for prostatitis. It gives a good effect if a man has a chronic form of the disease, as well as in cases where there is a predisposition to the development of the disease and prophylaxis is required.

In order for the chosen medicine to bring a good effect, only the attending physician should make appointments.

Evaluation of the most effective remedies for prostatitis according to male reviews

A large number of men over the age of 45 fight prostatitis every day.

As the comments on the forums and the results of various surveys on the network show, most often the representatives of the stronger sex choose the following medicines:

  • prostate protector, including a complex of peptides beneficial to the organ;
  • a preparation containing creeping palm fruit extract, which liquefies the secretion and normalizes its secretion;
  • suppositories and tablets based on the prostate extract of young bulls, which increases the elasticity of the vessels of the organ and reduces edema;
  • a drug containing peptides isolated from the prostate of young bulls, which contribute to the normalization of prostate function;
  • a drug, pumpkin seed globulin, in which it slows prostate growth and improves bladder function;
  • a complex of plant extracts that improve bladder muscle tone.

Even if the drug is among the drugs approved by most patients, it is not worth self-medication. In any case, the drug should be prescribed by the attending physician.

The best recipes of traditional medicine to fight prostate inflammation at home

Folk remedies, provided they are used correctly, can not have a less strong therapeutic effect than pharmaceutical remedies.

We list the most popular recipe options below:

The leaves of a medicinal plant that helps treat prostatitis
  1. Kalanchoe juice. . . This is the simplest, cheapest and most effective recipe that any man can use. The juice of a large leaf of the plant is squeezed into a glass of warm water and the solution is drunk. The tool strengthens the immune system and helps eliminate inflammation;
  2. berry tincture. . . The flowers, stalk and leaves of the plant are collected and dried. 50 g of dry ingredients are poured with 1 glass of vodka and left in a dark place for 15 days. 1 tablespoon. l. funds are distributed in a glass of warm water and taken several times a day before meals;
  3. cranberry soup. . . Berries contain substances that can have a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. To prepare the juice, the berries and leaves of the plant are crushed and mixed. Then - take 6 tablespoons of raw material, pour in 4 cups of water and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Take the medicine three times a day before meals.

There are other "grandma" recipes on the internet that are in high demand among the stronger sex.

Before using this or that folk remedy, be sure to consult your doctor.

How to treat prostate adenoma?

Treatment of prostate adenoma is complex. To achieve the desired result, the doctor usually prescribes a range of drugs with different spectrum of effects.

This includes antibacterial, hormonal and herbal medicines, alpha-blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.

Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction: Which Pills to Take?

Impotence does not arise by itself. It is usually a consequence of some pathological factor.Therefore, to completely get rid of the problem, you will need to eliminate the root cause.

Medications that help restore male strength include PDE-5 inhibitors and dietary supplements to treat erectile dysfunction. The use of drugs aimed at eliminating erectile dysfunction should be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician.

List of good preventive measures

Prophylactic medications to maintain male health

The best prevention of impotence is to give up bad habits, maintain a balanced diet, physical activity (in moderation) and regular sex life.

With age, the methods listed may become insufficient to maintain men's health.

In this case, the use of medications for prophylactic purposes may be required.

Even if you are taking prophylactic medication, be sure to consult a specialist. Using the medicine without a doctor's recommendation can further damage your health.

Prices of drugs for men

Often, doctors prescribe expensive medicines from foreign manufacturers. If you can not afford these, do not despair.

In pharmacies, you can find local counterparts, the cost of which is several times higher than the cost of imported medicines.

The difference between the offers can be significant.

You can learn more about the most effective prostate medications with your doctor. A specialist will help you choose the option that suits your situation, both in terms of cost and indications.