Cheap reviews of fast-acting prostate medicine

Modern medicine offers a wide range of medicines to treat prostatitis. What exactly should be used and in what quantity should be prescribed by an experienced physician. There are special pills, injections, suppositories, microclists for a course of treatment. And very often rectal suppositories are used for prostatitis, such drugs are able to block painful sensations and have an antibacterial effect.

drugs for prostatitis

The reasons may be completely different:

  • violation of the hormonal background of the body;
  • long absence of sexual intercourse;
  • depraved intimate relationships;
  • diseases of venereal nature;
  • diseases of the urinary system;
  • weakened immunity;
  • exposure to bacteria or viruses.

By using suppositories for prostatitis, you can achieve greater efficacy, experts and patients themselves believe.

Suppositories for prostatitis are in capsule form, which contains a medicinal product. A distinctive feature of the course of treatment of prostatitis with this method is the accelerated process of diffusion and action of the drug due to the work of blood vessels of the rectum. It has also been proven that when a drug is administered rectally, the drug, entering the bloodstream, hardly changes its original structure, unlike the oral administration of tablets.

Suppositories for prostatitis: cheap and effective

There are several types of rectal suppositories released against the prostate, which have their own distinctive features, different measures of impact on the disease and on the body.

The first subgroups include antibacterial candles. This medicine should be taken only after consulting a doctor. Suppositories have an antispasmodic effect, as a result of which a calming effect is manifested, and antibacterial suppositories help to get rid of muscle tension.

Rectal anti-inflammatory suppositories relieve swelling and promote the process of regeneration of damaged tissue.

Depending on the pricing policy, there are cheap and effective candles for prostatitis; these include so-called exotic candles, which contain substances of natural origin. One of the most affordable preparations among exotic candles are candles with the presence of propolis.

Treatment of prostatitis often involves the use of complex suppositories. Such suppositories can act simultaneously in different ways: to prevent the inflammatory process, to lower the temperature, to eliminate painful sensations, to relax, etc.

List of names of the most common suppositories for prostatitis:

  • Suppositories are antibiotics that are excellent at fighting infection and inflammation.
  • Antispasmodic suppositories. They relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.
  • Anti-inflammatory suppositories that relieve pain, relieve inflammation and stabilize blood circulation.
  • Propolis-based suppositories, which promote rapid tissue healing and eliminate inflammation.
  • Suppositories with constituents of bovine prostate. Suppositories relieve swelling, prevent stagnation and blood clots, improve erection, eliminate pain, increase libido.

The best suppositories for prostatitis, according to doctors and patients

One of the most popular medications for a course of treatment for prostatitis are propolis suppositories. Such suppositories are often used as a prophylactic agent and, directly, already in a course of treatment. It is noted that in certain situations, rectal suppositories in propolis had a healing effect in the early stages of development of a benign prostate tumor.

Suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis: rectal, anti-inflammatory, with an antibiotic

Suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis with propolis can have an effect against the inflammatory process and act as an antibacterial agent.

After the use of rectal suppositories containing propolis, the process of blood circulation in the prostate area is significantly improved, edema is eliminated, the tonic state of muscle tissue is normalized, the growth of glandular tissue stops.

Therefore, suppositories with propolis are used for chronic prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate gland, as well as in the treatment of other diseases such as cystitis, adenoma, etc.

Antibiotic suppositories are widely used in the treatment of prostatitis; Such suppositories are considered very effective and have a wide range of choices. According to the reviews of most patients, suppositories containing antibiotics and bee products are considered the best rectal suppositories. Also, many men noticed the performance and good effect of a suppository with antipyretic and antispasmodic ingredients.

Doctors say with confidence that the use of suppositories for the treatment of prostate in the rectal tract can achieve the following results:

  • destroy pathogenic microbes and bacteria;
  • slow down and then remove the inflammatory process;
  • get rid of painful feelings and feelings of discomfort;
  • improving the process of blood circulation of vessels in damaged tissues;
  • increases the body's resistance to disease;
  • reduce the risk of various tumors.

The most effective suppositories for prostatitis, according to doctors and patients

Rectal suppositories, which are considered antitumor and immunomodulatory, are very effective. In such candles, the main ingredient is usually propolis, royal jelly, pollen, honey, vegetable oils, medicinal clay, ingredients of cattle gonads.

Doctors consider ichthyol suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis an indispensable medicine in the fight against prostatitis. They are able to have the effect of disinfectant, antiseptic, pain reliever, and ichthyol suppositories help stabilize the circulatory process in the relevant area.

During the prostate treatment process, papaverine suppositories are used, which are able to eliminate spasms of prostate muscle tissue, vascular walls and bladder walls. Such suppositories effectively eliminate the sensations of discomfort and pain and promote normal blood flow to the organs of the groin area.

Doctors recommend the use of rectal suppositories methyluracil as a restorative drug for the patient's immune system. Such suppositories are able to affect the restoration of the protective barrier, as well as increase the therapeutic effect and promote a rapid healing process. In short, the patient's immunity is fully strengthened, which leads to a rapid and effective recovery from prostatitis.

Rectal suppositories from belladonna, or as it is called, belladonna, also have a good effect in the treatment of prostatitis. It is customary for these candles to be used in combination with vitamins and antibiotics. Suppositories are a good helper in treating chronic prostatitis. Belladonna-based rectal suppositories have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing effects.

Suppositories for the prevention of prostatitis

In addition to all the above rectal suppositories, which are used for prophylaxis and in the process of treating prostatitis, there are also suppositories of light exposure that prevent the disease. These suppositories include rectal suppositories based on beeswax, propolis or honey. Suppositories containing cocoa butter are also considered effective in preventing prostatitis.

What kind of drugs to choose, with what effect and content, how to use them and what the patient should be afraid of when taking suppositories for the prevention of prostatitis, will tell the doctor, who will rely on the established diagnosis, the degree of the disease and the presence or absence of contraindications in the patient for a certain type of rectal suppositories.