What to do in order not to get sick, or prevent prostatitis in men at home

The man has no problems with the prostate thanks to the prevention of prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis at home is a series of measures aimed at preventing the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland and maintaining the health of men.

Such actions must necessarily aim at eliminating the causes of the disease, in particular, reviewing lifestyle and diet, improving the quality of sex and increasing physical activity, taking medications that help restore the organ, normalize the blood supplyand transformation prevention. of tissue in tumor growth.

Men who are in the so-called risk groups for developing prostatitis should be especially careful about their health, including:

  • representatives of the stronger sex, who lead an irregular sex life, prefer to be protected with the help of interrupted intercourse, not to reach the peak of erection and the like;
  • men, whose profession is associated with the need to be in a sitting position for a long time, namely, drivers, office workers, programmers;
  • patients who abuse alcohol, have bad habits and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

It is very important to understand that the disease is always easier to prevent than to get rid of it later. This rule also applies to prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate is one of the most difficult diseases to treat and quickly become chronic.

It is dangerous not only for its manifestations, but also for its consequences, including the formation of prostate adenoma, impotence and even cancer. This is why the appearance of symptoms of the disease should not be allowed, which is easy to do at home using simple methods to correct the normal functioning of the organ.

Principles of treatment and prevention of prostatitis in men at home

The main principle of treatment and prevention of prostatitis at home is an integrated approach to their implementation.

The plan for the prevention of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland includes the following activities:

Physical activity helps prevent the development of prostatitis
  • increase physical activity, sports, special exercises to improve prostate health;
  • diet;
  • cold and hot shower;
  • prostate massage;
  • frequent walks in the fresh air;
  • avoiding hypothermia;
  • use of traditional medicine, medicines and dietary supplements;
  • regular preventive checkups with a doctor.

Indeed, increased physical activity and exercises that contract the pelvic floor muscles can improve blood supply to the pelvic organs and eliminate the likelihood of stagnation in this area.

Experts point out that men who do sports and walk regularly in the fresh air turn to prostate doctors many times less than those men who lead a sedentary lifestyle and rarely visit walking areas.

Taking a contrast shower from a man for prostate health

Diet is an important part of competent disease prevention. Adult men should take care of their health and give up alcohol, bad habits, underwear, smoked meat and sweets.

It will help to improve the condition of the prostate by periodically taking a contrast bath and a prophylactic prostate massage session.

These methods contribute to the normalization of blood circulation through the genitals and increase immunity.

It is also important that a man is not exposed to low temperatures, which cause the development of inflammatory processes and are a favorable condition for the entry of infection into the body.

Preventive medicines

Prophylactic use of medications refers to methods of secondary prevention of prostatitis and is mainly prescribed to those patients who have already had the disease and have managed to recover from it once. Such medications should be prescribed exclusively by a physician.

Making an independent decision about the need to take a particular medicine can have sad consequences and turn into a real disaster for a man.

Drugs for the secondary prevention of prostatitis in men

Since often after such an amateur show a person not only does not get the desired result, but is forced to be treated for side effects of drugs taken for a long time.

Often, the following categories of drugs are used to prevent secondary prostatitis:

  • rectal suppositories, which have a minimal number of contraindications for use, have a certain effectiveness and rarely cause side effects;
  • antibacterial and antimicrobial drugs for the prevention of prostatitis of infectious etiology;
  • special dietary supplements and herbal preparations allow to prevent recurrence of the disease.

prostate massage

Prostate massage is one of the most popular techniques for treating physiotherapy, diagnosing and preventing prostate diseases.

It perfectly eliminates congestion in the pelvis, allows you to fight pain and impotence, provoked by pathological changes in the organ in question.

Transrectal prostate massage to prevent prostatitis

The procedure can be performed with external and transrectal influence on the gland, when a specialist massages the organ with the fingers through the skin of the perineum or the wall of the rectum, respectively, improving its blood supply, trophism and canal permeability.

For preventive purposes, the massage should be performed two to three times a year with a course of 10-15 procedures.

A set of effective exercises for the prostate

One of the easiest ways to keep your prostate healthy is to exercise at home. Such gymnastics can be performed sitting, standing or lying down, depending on the desire and abilities of the patient.

Among the most popular and effective exercises for the prostate gland are:

Perform a special exercise for the prostate gland
  1. in a standing position, shift the center of gravity to the right foot and perform the swing with the left foot (about 60-80 times). Repeat for the right leg;
  2. sitting on the floor, stretch your legs forward. Make moves that mimic the steps forward and allow you to move in the back. At the same time, the pelvic floor muscles are perfectly reduced, and blood flow to the genitals is improved;
  3. you need to lie on your back. Focusing on the back of the head and the gluteal region, you should bend your back and stay in this position for 5-7 minutes;
  4. take the "birch" pose and stay in it for about 3 minutes, gradually increasing the workout time to 10 minutes.

healthy food

In order to never personally face a disease such as prostatitis, it is important to eat properly, constantly monitoring your diet.

To improve the health of men and the prostate gland will help:

A healthy diet will save a man from developing prostatitis
  • eating seafood, especially oysters, squid, mussels and shrimp, enriched with zinc and other beneficial substances that are essential for the normal functioning of the prostate;
  • chicken eggs, but not more than 2 pieces per day;
  • red meat;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • herb, especially parsley.

It is important not only to include healthy foods in a man's daily diet, but also to exclude foods that are harmful to the genital area.

So, in order not to expose your body to the risk of developing inflammation of the prostate gland, men should stop smoking and significantly limit the use of alcoholic beverages.

You should not buy and eat smoked meat products, cook fatty, fried and very spicy foods.

Prevention of prostatitis with folk remedies

Often, for the prevention of prostatitis, doctors recommend the use of traditional medicine prescriptions that have been tested in time.

Simple and natural remedies can improve the condition of the organs of the male reproductive system, normalize local blood microcirculation, increase immunity and eliminate the manifestations of stagnation in the pelvic cavity no worse than medicines bought at the pharmacy.

It is easy to prevent prostatitis if you eat the following sweets every day:

  • honey with nuts taken in equal amounts;
  • a mixture consisting of pumpkin seeds and honey, taken in a 2: 1 ratio;
  • The composition of nuts and dried fruits to choose from.

All of these recipes consist exclusively of natural ingredients.

Their main value is that they contain a large amount of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients that speed up metabolism, increase immune reactivity and also help remove toxins from the body and saturate it with valuable compounds.

Herbal remedies can be used as prophylactic agents for prostatitis. They are also effective in treating the disease in the early stages of its development and prevent recurrence of the disease.

Ivan tea infusion

Willow tea infusion - a popular remedy for treating and preventing prostatitis

To prepare a healing infusion, you will need about 20 g of dried and chopped willow herb, which should be poured with 500 ml of boiling water.

The resulting therapeutic composition should be cooled, and then filtered and taken half a cup twice a day. It is advisable to take the infusion before meals.

Vitamin cocktail for prostate

Oats for the preparation of a folk remedy that strengthens the prostate gland

To prepare this medicine, it is necessary to pour a small amount of oats with boiling water and put it on the fire until the grains soften.

To the already prepared and drained porridge, you should add about a quarter cup of fresh parsley juice.

The finished composition should be taken twice a day in an amount not exceeding 100 g.

Before taking any medicine of traditional medicine, it is necessary to consult a specialist and rule out the presence of contraindications to such treatment.

It is important to remember that only an experienced doctor is able to recommend a truly effective way to prevent prostatitis, which will not allow the development of pathology.