Man with prostate

A well-known type of medical care is the treatment of prostatitis in men, as medicines not only help to get rid of the disease but also prevent its chronic development. Characteristic manifestations of the disease are severe pain and inflammation affecting the genitourinary system. In order to quickly eliminate the main symptoms, doctors prescribe modern urological medicines for the treatment of prostatitis with a wide spectrum of action, the competent use of which helps to forget about the disease forever.

Basics of Prostate Therapy

Despite the effective prostate medications offered by pharmacy chains, it is necessary to understand that only a qualified urologist can prescribe the best and most accurate therapy. Before starting treatment, doctors perform a thorough clinical diagnosis. Diagnosis is based on:

  • laboratory blood and urine tests;
  • analysis of prostate secretion;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • urological flow measurement.
Urine analysis is one of the methods for diagnosing prostatitis

To prescribe effective treatment for prostatitis, your doctor will prescribe medication that can eliminate the root cause of the disease.It is based on complex therapy using a number of related physiotherapeutic and phytocomplex procedures.The main directions in drug therapy are the prescription of anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs. Of the physiotherapeutic procedures, the most effective are hirudotherapy, therapeutic massages, therapeutic gymnastics, reflexology.

A course of treatment aimed at eliminating all painful symptoms in men is chosen by a physician based on the form of the disease, the patient's age, and existing comorbidities. The acute form of prostatitis is treated exclusively with antibiotics. In the most severe types of the disease, the patient is hospitalized.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed in the early stages of prostatitis. Depending on the characteristic symptoms present, the doctor prescribes pain relievers to alleviate the patient's condition. The infectious form of the disease provides a number of measures aimed at eliminating the infection from the genitourinary system. In severe cases, extensive effective antibiotic therapy is required, due to the fact that as a result of improper treatment or premature access to a doctor, the process of infecting the patient has achieved a great development. During this period, a phase treatment of prostatitis with medication is required.

Based on the study of the individual characteristics of each individual patient, the sooner the doctor prescribes the use of an effective remedy for prostatitis, the better it will affect the treatment outcomes.

Ultrasound for prostatitis

Therapeutic principles and tactics

Based on the clinical picture of the course of the disease, doctors determine the main tactics and the principle of treatment. The neglected condition of the disease is characterized by severe intoxication of the body. Symptoms during this period are:

  • high temperature;
  • weakness;
  • nausea followed by vomiting;
  • headache;
  • pain in the perineum and lumbar region;
  • painful urination;
  • complete lack of urination in some forms of the disease;
  • painful bowel movements.

Linking staphylococcal infection can become a dangerous moment in the development of prostatitis. Patients with diabetes mellitus are particularly susceptible to this. In severe forms, the patient is sent to a hospital, where comprehensive and effective treatment is performed.

In acute infectious prostatitis, the patient is prescribed bed rest and antimicrobial agents. During this period, therapeutic massage can not be used as a physiotherapeutic treatment, as it can lead to the spread of infection due to activation of blood circulation.

Doctors prescribe medicines that improve blood microcirculation. Drugs are administered intravenously. Thanks to theirHigh fever is a symptom of prostatitiseffect at the capillary level, the exit of lymph from the inflammatory focus is improved, in which biologically active substances and metabolic products are deposited.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) play a major role in relieving pain. They also have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. Local preparations - rectal suppositories, which have anti-hemorrhoidal and analgesic effects, have proven their therapeutic potential. These include propolis suppositories for the prostate.

When it is impossible to urinate normally, alpha blockers are prescribed by urologists to help relax the soft tissues of the prostate and facilitate the exit of contents from the bladder. Despite the fact that the use of these drugs has only analgesic and symptomatic effects that can normalize the process of urination, they are marked by patients as the best remedies for prostatitis.

If purulent inflammation and abscess are detected, doctors prescribe an operative method of treatment.

Antibiotic therapy

Antibiotic therapy is the basis of drug therapy for prostatitis. Antimicrobial medication for prostatitis can be prescribed as soon as the first signs of the disease are detected. To prescribe a more effective treatment, doctors perform a bacteriological culture of urine to identify the susceptibility of the causative agent to a particular type of antibiotic. They, without waiting for the test results, prescribe in the first days a strong remedy for prostatitis, which has a wide spectrum of action, which is able to neutralize most of the most common pathogens.

In connection with enterococci and gram-negative infections, fluoroquinolones are used. They help to affect anaerobic bacteria and are capable of disrupting the nuclear structure of pathogenic microorganisms, effectively affecting their protein metabolism.

In case of increased intoxication of the body during acute prostatitis, infusion therapy is performed, which includes intravenous injections of electrolytic drugs, a solution of potassium chloride and glucose, as well as rheological solutions.

General therapy for the disease

In the treatment of men, great importance is attached to the strengthening of the body and its protective properties.

For this purpose, doctors prescribe immunomodulatory agents.

Vitamins used for prostatitis and herbal preparations have a good effect on strengthening the immune system.

In modern urology, injections and pills for prostate are noted, which have a universal effect. In addition, urologists have long praised the effectiveness of Chinese medicine in treating this disease.

Today, you can choose Chinese prostate medicines on sale, which treat almost all the symptoms of the disease, relieve severe inflammatory processes, affect gonococci and other types of infections, and help alleviate and alleviate the sensations ofpainful when urinating.

In pharmacies you can buy a special medicine for external use - cream wax for prostate. It is prescribed only by a doctor and is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

Natural Cure for Prostatitis

No matter how much modern pharmacy offers effective drugs for prostatitis, men try not to miss a single case and use all methods to get rid of the disease. Traditional medicine is one of the most popular areas in the treatment of prostatitis.

Red root for the treatment of prostatitis

There are many ways in this regard that are already known to be effective. These include a very effective treatment with urine. Few of the male population would like to use it. We are talking about urine therapy - treatment with your urine. Take 250 ml of urine in the morning before breakfast. During treatment it is advised not to eat too much. The main course of treatment is one month, then a break is made and the treatment is repeated.

The red root plant is an excellent remedy for male diseases. 1 tbsp. l1 liter of boiling water is poured over the crushed root and allowed to bake for 1 hour in a dark place. It should be drained and taken in 1/3 tbsp. 3 times a day. You can drink the infusion as tea with milk and honey. This recipe is very effective not only for prostatitis, but also for various infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

Effective treatment of prostatitis is also marked by the use of asparagus juice. Take daily in 500 ml. If desired, the juice can be diluted in equal amounts with carrot and cucumber juice.

Propolis is an excellent aid in the treatment of prostatitis. Candles from it have healing properties that have been tested by many men. 40 g of propolis should be evaporated in a glass of 96% alcohol. You should take 0, 1 g of the healing composition, which should be mixed with 2 g of cocoa butter. The finished mixture is formed into candles and placed in the refrigerator. After strengthening, they are used as rectal suppositories every night before bed. The course of treatment consists of 2 months with a break of 1 month.

Burdock root has beneficial effects on the prostate

Obese men should remember that treating hunger for prostatitis will help not only in curing the disease but also in losing weight. Fasting makes urination easier. This method is used in the early stages of the disease for 2 days. If the disease has gone too far, the fasting time should be increased. You can still drink water.

A large number of predictions and recipes were left behind by the Bulgarian viewer Vanga. Here are 1 of her recipes for prostatitis: create charcoal from burnt lime like coffee and drink it for a week. If there is no improvement, continue for a few more days.

Burdock root is an excellent prophylactic agent. This plant has a wide range of beneficial ingredients that are beneficial to the prostate. Burdock root is harvested in the fall. It is washed, dried and stored in a dark place. The recipe for its use is simple: burdock root is eaten as an addition to main dishes.

At the heart of preventative measures that help to resist such a difficult and painful phenomenon as prostatitis that is changing your lifestyle. Sexually transmitted infections are one of the causes of the disease. To protect yourself from them, you should always remember about barrier contraception.

Lack of physical activity causes the appearance of stagnant processes in the prostate gland. It is imperative to devote time to exercise and training for 10 minutes every hour, especially if a man is busy with office work.

Bad habits - smoking and alcohol - are of great importance for the condition of the genitourinary system. Toxic substances in them are the number 1 enemy for prostate health. As a result of their harmful effects, blood microcirculation is disrupted, immunity is reduced and vasospasm appears.

Timely access to a doctor is of great importance in preventing prostatitis. Even if there are no pronounced symptoms, men over 40 should undergo a medical examination by a urologist at least once a year. If you suspect prostatitis, you should strictly follow the doctor's instructions and in no case treat yourself.