Prompt and effective treatment of prostatitis: a list of drugs and techniques

Men are not used to running to the doctor when they have the slightest problem. They first hide their illnesses, then try to cope on their own, and when they no longer have the strength to endure, they go to the hospital. You should not do this with the prostate, because the disease progresses and causes the development of irreversible processes. This is a fairly serious illness that can be cured quickly if you just see a doctor on time. How to deal with prostatitis and which methods are most effective?

Normal and inflamed prostate

Types of inflammation and causes

What is a prostate? This is a very important organ for every human being, not in vain it is called the second heart. The prostate plays an important role in sexual activity because it produces a special secretion that affects sperm quality.

Anatomically, the prostate is located below the bladder, surrounding the urethra, and problems with it can affect normal urination. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of prostatitis is of interest to many people.

In men between the ages of 20 and 50, prostate inflammation is often seen. The higher the age, the greater the risk. Most types of illness occur with mild symptoms, they are most often attributed to general weakness and fatigue. Meanwhile, inflammation of the prostate in men develops and causes more and more damage. In more advanced cases, the formation of malignant tumors and infertility is possible. Therefore, it is important to know how to treat inflammation in the early stages.

At the beginning of the development of the disease, treatment can be performed at home, the main thing is for the doctor to accurately determine the type of prostatitis and prescribe a course of treatment.Once patients recover, relapses are noticed in 50% of them, so it is very important to adhere to general rules and not forget about preventive measures.

Main types of prostate gland prostatitis in men:

  1. Sharp. It is quite rare, but develops severely and severely. The patient is hospitalized and all therapeutic measures are performed in a hospital setting.
  2. Chronic bacterial. This disease occurs in approximately 30% of patients. His insidiousness is that the symptoms appear and disappear without any treatment. The patient does not recover, the disease continues to spread and can lead to the formation of stones, purulent foci and even oncology.
  3. Chronic inflammation of the prostate is also known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It is associated with prolonged pelvic pain and is diagnosed with exception.
  4. Asymptomatic prostatitis. Men do not even suspect that they are sick until they donate urine for analysis during a routine examination. With this type of inflammation, a high content of leukocytes and bacteria is observed in the urine.
  5. Chronic granulomatosis. It can be caused by treatment with pharmaceutical drugs or radiation to the gland. Replacement of glandular tissue with connective tissue is observed, and the prostate itself ceases to function.

There are many reasons for the development of prostate disease in men:

  • violent sex life or lack thereof;
  • sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work;
  • various sexually transmitted infections;
  • frequent hypothermia;
  • genitourinary infection;
  • gland trauma;
  • bad habits;
  • overweight;
  • improper diet and daily routine;
  • frequent stress;
  • chronic constipation;
  • hormonal disorders.

How can prostatitis be cured? Only by eliminating the cause of the disease. In men with strong immunity, the development of prostatitis is less common.

Treatment of prostate inflammation

Absolutely all patients are interested in how to get rid of chronic prostatitis forever and no longer remember it. At an early stage of the disease, conservative treatment of the prostate is performed. If the size of the gland is greatly enlarged and does not cope with its function, surgery is possible.

How to treat prostate gland inflammation in men so you do not have to go to a surgeon? Indeed, after surgery, the consequences can be more serious and the rehabilitation period itself will cause a lot of trouble. How to treat inflammation with conservative methods?

Therapy consists of medication, physiotherapy, massage and specific exercises that improve blood flow to the body. New methods include the introduction of stem cells into prostate tissue, the use of a laser. But many are wary of such treatment because everything new is hard to believe. Everything is complicated by the fact that this type of therapy is only available to a small number of men due to the high price or lack of a special treatment center in the place of residence.

Important!Doctors recommend using several methods at the same time. Thus, for example, electrophoresis and massage increase the permeability of glandular tissue and improve blood circulation, which contributes to a faster recovery.

First Aid Treatments

Acute chronic inflammation of the prostate makes itself felt suddenly, surprises a man. What should you do in such cases and what medicine for prostatitis can be given to alleviate the condition?

Acute prostatitis is treated permanently. The symptoms are pronounced and you can not do without the help of doctors.


  1. Acute sensation of full bladder, which cannot be completely emptied. During attempts to urinate, the patient experiences severe pain.
  2. Most patients have fever, chills, and general weakness.
  3. The pain extends to the perineum, lower abdomen, upper thighs, and lower back.
  4. Possible pain in the head of the penis.

Only a specialist knows how to treat the prostate with drugs without harming health, because each drug, along with its benefits, has a number of contraindications.You do not have to prescribe your own treatment and use any medicine for a long time.Men with chronic diseases should be treated very carefully.

Prostate medications

How to treat prostate and what medicines do you need? Medication treatment consists of several groups of medications. Inflammation of the prostate is a serious disease and therefore requires complex therapy. Antibiotics are used to eliminate the bacterial infection.

How to relieve inflammation of the prostate and relieve pain at the same time? Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will help.

When nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are not sufficient and there is no improvement, the patient is prescribed to take hormonal medication for inflammation of the prostate gland.

Alpha-blockers are also described.These drugs do not cure the prostate, but they do significantly improve the patient's condition. They relax the smooth muscles of the gland and make urination easier.

Your doctor may also recommend taking antispasmodics to relieve pain. Many urologists also recommend a vitamin complex.


In addition to the main treatment of the prostate, a variety of physiotherapy procedures are prescribed. They improve blood circulation to the problem area, lymphatic flow and blood flow, activate metabolic processes and increase the permeability of cell membranes.


This procedure is described in parallel with the main treatment. Healing properties of magnetotherapy:

  • accelerate cell renewal;
  • improve blood flow;
  • removal of puffiness;
  • reduction of negative symptoms of the disease.

Magnetotherapy is prescribed to patients even with advanced forms of the disease.

Laser therapy

External, point (acupuncture) and intrarectal laser therapy are used to treat prostate inflammation in men. When an outpatient operates in the perineal area for 1-2. 5 minutes. With acupuncture, the biologically active points that are responsible for the prostate gland are affected. With intrarectal, the laser is inserted through the rectum and acts on the gland. The treatment is created for 10-12 sessions.


Treatment of prostatitis in men using UHF is performed in two ways: transverse and longitudinal. Most often, the first type is described, as electrodes placed on different sides of the body affect not only the prostate but also the nearest organs.

After such procedures, note:

  • phagocytic activity;
  • reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • Activated
  • cells that are responsible for connective tissue regeneration;
  • metabolism improves;
  • tissue permeability increases.

Important!UHF is not used in the presence of malignant tumors, as they begin to grow faster. Also, the procedure can provoke a burn or bleeding.

Physiotherapy for prostate


During this procedure, the patient is exposed to the affected area with electrical impulses with a chaotic change in frequency or direct current. After a few sessions, the spasmodic muscles relax, and urination improves. Low frequencies have the mildest effect on the prostate. Each of these procedures has its pros and cons. Do not forget about the contraindications. Therefore, any of the physiotherapy procedures are performed after the examination and according to the doctor's instructions.

Prostate massage

How to treat prostatitis in men with massage? Recommended as an effective way to get rid of congestion in the gland. Also, during the massage, the doctor can touch the organ, its size and density. Massage helps:

  • reset channel patency;
  • improve blood circulation to prostate and muscle tone;
  • used drugs penetrate faster into the tissues of the organ and, accordingly, begin to act more quickly;
  • activate the body's defenses.

It is important for every man to know how prostatitis is treated with this procedure. The first massage session is best done by a doctor. The patient must trust him to be able to relax as much as possible.

This will help you massage with maximum efficiency and minimal pain. Manipulations are performed when the patient is in the knee-elbow position, lying on his side, on his back with his legs apart, or on his feet, legs spread wide. If the procedure was successful, at least a few points of secrecy should be noticed. With stagnant forms of prostatitis, massage helps to quickly cope with the disease.

Traditional methods of treating prostatitis

Folk recipes are not a quick-acting medicine. To speed up the process, it is recommended that they complement the main treatment and not replace. What helps with prostatitis every day and what is the course?

Men with this disease are advised to drink asparagus juice. If you take at least 500 mg a day, then you can soon feel a positive result.

Propolis is no less famous, or rather alcohol tincture or rectal suppositories from it. You can buy them at the pharmacy or from beekeepers. Used twice a day for 21 days. Then you should take a break.

Cinquefoil is also used as a diuretic. Shepherd's purse is also considered an excellent remedy in the fight against prostate inflammation. The seeds are crushed (15 g), a decoction is prepared for 0, 5 liters of water and applied to a tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

Whatever one decides to deal with the problem, before starting treatment with folk remedies, you should undergo an examination and consult a doctor. After all, even the most harmless prescriptions for prostate can cause great harm to health.

Prostate supplements

How to treat prostatitis in men is not a new problem. Oriental medicine offers natural remedies and extracts for the stronger sex. Chinese, Thai, Indian manufacturers ensure that the nutrients in them are in such quantities that they can easily replace any pharmaceutical preparation. Among dietary supplements, you can find a natural antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory agent.

But you should not risk your health because no clinical trials have been performed with these drugs. All the useful properties shown in the instructions are confirmed by positive reviews only in advertising brochures.

Important!A dietary supplement is not a medicine. Can only be used as an adjunct together with the main treatment.

Helps to replenish the body with nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Dietary supplements also activate metabolic processes.

Alternative treatments

Modern man has access to what many people did not know before. Now you can exchange knowledge and secrets of different nations, use their practice for medicinal purposes.


How to get rid of prostatitis with it? Ayurveda is an alternative treatment for male disease. It is based on the correct use of the gifts of nature (herbs and plants), as well as the implementation of special exercises to help find balance. Treatment of prostatitis in men using Ayurveda is based on determining the causes of the disease. This is the only way to get rid of it faster.

Before you start treating the gland according to all the canons of Ayurveda, an imbalance of dosha (special body energy) is determined in a man. Most often, inflammation of the prostate is due to an imbalance in the vata. Special attention should be paid to the diet, to use herbs: guggul, atmagupta, bala and marshmallow. You should also consume more garlic and onions.



This method is based on reducing stress and anxiety in men, who provoke muscle spasms in the pelvic area with the prostate. This method has no contraindications and side effects. Can be used in conjunction with the main treatment.

Meditation does not require any special skills or equipment. This method quickly gives positive results and, if you do it as a preventative measure, then you can forget about prostatitis for a long time.


How to beat prostatitis with a thin needle? This method is referred to as the placebo method, but it helped a lot to get rid of the disease, which means that it has a right to exist. The master inserts special needles in biologically active sites, which contributes to:

  • improving oxygen metabolism in the prostate;
  • improving blood circulation to the pelvic organs;
  • stimulation of lymph outflow;
  • elimination of stagnant processes in the gland.

This treatment of prostatitis in men gives results after 4-6 sessions. There are a number of contraindications, so you should consult a specialist before starting treatment.


How to treat prostatitis in men with this unpleasant method? During the bite, the caterpillar releases a special substance into the man's body - hirudin. Reduces blood clotting, reduces the risk of blood clots. When the worm sucks blood, the volume of blood circulating decreases, this helps reduce stagnation.

Rifles are applied to specific biologically active areas, which helps activate the body's defenses. It will take about 10 sessions to reach the goal.

Rehabilitation after treatment of prostatitis

When prostatitis is defeated, a logical question arises: what can we do to prevent the disease from coming back? Once it becomes easier for a man, he absolutely forgets all the recommendations of doctors and continues to live as before.

The ideal place for rehabilitation is a specialized sanatorium. A number of treatments are recommended:

  • fitness;
  • water gymnastics;
  • physiotherapy exercises.

This will help train all the important muscles and remove the remaining inflamed lesions. You can also use paraffin therapy. Do not forget about the use of prescribed medications and you need to fix things in your sex life. It is recommended to walk more in the fresh air, rest completely, review your diet.


Since it is possible to cure prostatitis and it can never come back, you need to take the disease seriously. At the first symptoms, you should consult a doctor, and all men after forty undergo a routine examination by a urologist. Treatment for each type of prostatitis can vary, so do not treat yourself and waste time on controversial procedures and medications. Only a doctor after a thorough and comprehensive examination will be able to prescribe an adequate treatment for prostate inflammation.