Details on methods of preventing prostatitis in men

Prostate massage at the appointment of a proctologist - prevention of prostatitis

Prostatitis in men over 40 develops due to many internal and external factors: infection, blood clot in the pelvis, lack of hygiene, lack of sex. Therefore, to prevent the development of inflammation, it is recommended to eliminate the possible causes of the disease.

Development of prostatitis: signs and causes

Inflammation of the prostate gland develops in men who do not monitor their health or lead a sedentary lifestyle. The first signs of the disease are urinary incontinence. Without timely treatment, problems with potency and testicular dysfunction gradually appear. The patient feels discomfort during bladder bowel movements, ejaculation, and bowel movements.

Main causes of inflammation:

  • Sedentary work, frequent driving, lack of sports.
  • Advanced diseases of the genitourinary system (urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis).
  • Hemorrhoids, frequent constipation.
  • Wrong lifestyle (alcohol abuse, smoking, poor diet).
  • Lack of a permanent sexual partner, broken relationships, neglect of protection during sex.
  • Improper intimate hygiene.
  • Decreased immunity, lack of vitamins, presence of other chronic diseases.

In the absence of treatment, the acute form flows into the chronic one. In this case, the therapeutic course can last up to six months. It is necessary to periodically use rectal suppositories, antibiotics, alpha-blockers, vitamins.

Husband will also be prescribed a gland massage and special gymnastics. To prevent a long battle with the disease, it is recommended to follow simple preventive rules.

Sex for the prevention of prostatitis

Concept of preventing prostate inflammation

Prophylaxis of prostatitis is a complex of measures created to prevent the development of diseases of the genitourinary system.

If all instructions are followed, a man can protect himself from prostatitis, impotence, urethritis, urolithiasis.

Prophylaxis is necessary for men who have suffered from disease or already have an acute form of prostatitis.

If you change sexual partners frequently, visit your urologist regularly, smear to detect infection.

Primary and Secondary Measures

It is recommended to start the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system from 25-30 years. Cases of inflammation of the prostate gland are known at a young age. The main reason for this is the passion for computer games, bad habits, spoilage in sex.

Measures to prevent the disease can be divided into the following subgroups:

  1. Precautions are needed for men who have not had a prostate but are at risk. Prevention is based on regular exercise, a visit to the urologist once a year and quitting smoking and alcohol.
  2. Secondary measures are intended for men who have had an acute prostate. It is also necessary to adhere to the rules for preventing the development of inflammation during the remission period of the chronic form of the disease. It is recommended to do regular prostate massage, regulate nutrition and improve sex life.

Preventing prostatitis helps improve the health of the whole body. Men are advised to do sports, control their diet and establish a daily routine. It is necessary to have a regular sex life, not forgetting contraception.

A variety of methods to prevent prostatitis

To prevent the development of prostatitis, it is recommended to dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to your health. Exercise every morning, drink vitamins, eat well, have sex. If a man has strong immunity, the risk of developing genitourinary diseases is minimal.

Importance of a professional exam

When undergoing a preventive medical examination, a man should be referred for a consultation with a urologist. The doctor should feel the prostate gland, slander for infections, ask about the nature of urination and ejaculation. An additional ultrasound examination of the prostate may be ordered.

Every fifth man after the age of 40 has changes in the prostate gland during prophylactic examination. If prostatitis is detected at an early stage, treatment lasts 5 to 7 days. It is also recommended to visit a urologist to prevent the development of cancer or adenoma. If you already have acute prostate, it is recommended to visit a urologist 3-4 times in the first 12 months. Further, 1-2 visits per year will suffice.

Preparations for prevention

To prevent the development of diseases of the genitourinary system, it is recommended to maintain immunity with the help of proper nutrition and vitamin complexes. If a man has already had prostate, homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements should be used to prevent re-inflammation.

You cannot prescribe preventative treatment yourself. Drugs are prescribed only by a urologist after examining the prostate gland and performing all tests.


Preventing prostatitis in men involves taking homeopathic medicines. They are harmless, quite cheap for a middle-income person and have no contraindications. The action of these funds is based on the suppression of primary inflammation, preventing the development of pathology.

Natural remedies for prostatitis contain herbal extracts of aconite, belladonna, bovine prostate gland fluid. After using them in a man, blood circulation to the pelvic organs increases, production increases and the stagnation of prostate secretion is eliminated.


Biologically active additives in the form of tablets, suspensions, solutions for enemas, rectal suppositories have proven themselves well in the prevention of prostatitis. These funds prevent stagnation of prostate fluid and the development of problems with urination, reduce swelling of the gland.

The quality of these products has been confirmed and complies with the international GMP standard.

The prophylactic course of taking capsules or tablets lasts about a month. The composition of the preparations, in addition to plant extracts, contains vitamins, useful trace elements (zinc, magnesium).


A vitamin complex for maintaining men's health should contain zinc, selenium, magnesium. To prevent prostatitis, it is recommended to take vitamins A, E, D, C, B6. With the lack of these elements, stagnation of prostate fluid occurs, blood circulation in the small pelvis is impaired.

It is not recommended to take medication, take dietary supplements, use homeopathy at the same time.

Since many prostate prevention medications contain beneficial trace elements. In order not to cause hypovitaminosis, it is necessary to take vitamins only as instructed by a doctor.


To prevent stagnant prostatitis after 40 years, it is recommended to have a transrectal massage for 2-3 minutes every day or to visit a specialist once a month. In sex shops, prostate massagers are sold, which are easy to use, allow you to perform the procedure independently.

If you already have a prostate, a course of 8-10 sessions is recommended. They are performed during forgiveness. The purpose of the procedures is to improve blood circulation to the gland, eliminating pathologically accumulated secretions. For hemorrhoids or anal fissures, massage is contraindicated. To prevent and relieve the symptoms of prostatitis, hot baths with turpentine, herbal decoctions and pine needles are used. They are performed at bedtime, the water should be 37-38o. After regular procedures, a general strengthening of immunity is observed, an improvement of blood circulation in the small pelvis and a normalization of sperm production.

Home methods

Prevention of prostatitis in men at home is based on the use of popular recipes. All prostate problems are due to blood clots in the capillaries. The following procedures will help prevent this process:

  • contrast enhancing shower;
  • pouring cold water;
  • herbal compresses;
  • soup
  • ;
  • home-made rectal suppositories with propolis.

It is also very important to protect yourself from nervous tension and stress. Erectile dysfunction in the early stages of prostatitis most often occurs due to self-hypnosis and fear of pleasing a woman.

Alternative medicine can prevent and even cure the disease. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before using any method.

Other unconventional ways to maintain prostate health

Prevention of prostatitis is carried out effectively with the help of herbal decoctions, infusions, consumption of vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to pay attention to plants that have a diuretic, antibacterial, sedative and anti-inflammatory effect.

Prevention and treatment of prostatitis with popular recipes at home:

  1. Tea Ivan. Cook 10 grams of herbs in 500 ml of water, cover the infusion container for 10-15 minutes, drain. It is recommended to take 1 teaspoon 2 times a day.
  2. Pumpkin. Dried seeds of this vegetable should be taken 25-30 pieces per day.
  3. Beekeeping products. Honey and propolis have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Therefore, it is recommended to be consumed daily with food or added to beverages.
  4. Nut. Eat some kernels every day.
  5. Hazel. The bark and leaves of the hazelnut are boiled and soaked in water. Drink a glass of ready-made drink every day on an empty stomach.
  6. Aspen. Its new bark is filled with a glass of water or alcohol. After 10 days of infusion, the mixture should be drunk several times a day, one teaspoon.

Also, men are advised to consume ginger (eat roots, make tea, add to food), more greens. Chamomile tea and lemon balm is beneficial for men’s health, which has an overall tonic effect on the body.

Preventive Eating

Problems with the genitourinary system can be caused by improper diet, excessive consumption of fatty and smoked foods. Therefore, measures to prevent inflammation of the prostate gland include diet. The diet of men over 40 should be dominated by the following foods:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • oily fish;
  • arra;
  • lean meat;
  • qull;
  • green tea.

Eliminate unhealthy fats found in chips and crackers. Do not abuse fast food, alcohol. If you experience problems with urination, it is recommended to drink cranberry juice every day.

Physiotherapy exercises

A man who leads a sedentary lifestyle should definitely pay attention to physiotherapy exercises. Daily exercise will prevent the onset of many diseases of the genitourinary system. The main thing is not to pump the muscles, but to increase blood circulation to the small pelvis and strengthen the heart.

Exercise to increase blood circulation to the pelvis

Recommended Sports

To prolong men's health, it is necessary to play sports. Any physical activity affects the condition of the prostate gland.

The strong half is recommended to pay attention to the following types:

  • running;
  • walking in the race;
  • rock climbing;
  • tennis, badminton;
  • morning exercises or gymnastics.

Remember a childhood physical education lesson and do the following exercises daily to prevent prostatitis: pushing, squatting, standing up and grabbing, birch, walking, cycling. The lesson should last 15-20 minutes a day, each element should be done in several ways, gradually increasing the load.

Kegel Gymnastics

Kegel exercises are designed to maintain a woman's health, especially after childbirth and during menopause. With their help, the perineum muscles are strengthened, so it is also recommended that they be used to prevent prostatitis.

it is also necessary to tense the intimate muscle group during the day while lying down, standing or sitting. Try to pull the anus and raise your penis at least 200 times. Such exercise not only improves the condition of the prostate, but also prevents urinary disorders and reduces the risk of developing impotence.

Sex in a man's life

Frequent change of sexual partners or lack of sex affects the development of prostatitis. Also, when communicating, do not forget about precautions. Oral sex can also lead to infectious diseases, as the mouth is a good place for germs to accumulate.

Culture of healthy intimate relationships

To prevent the development of bacterial prostatitis, it is recommended to choose a sexual partner carefully.Bacterial prostatitisThe best protection against sexually transmitted diseases among contraceptives is considered to be a condom.

However, even such measures are not able to fully protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to have a permanent partner for a healthy sexual relationship.

Like broken sex, prolonged abstinence from sex is harmful. Because of this, there is an accumulation of sperm and prostate fluid. Bacteria can grow in body fluids, causing inflammation of the prostate gland.

Sex is the most affordable and satisfying way to prevent prostatitis.

Harm and benefits of masturbation

Lack of sexual intercourse has a detrimental effect on men's health. Stagnation of blood in the prostate can provoke an enlargement of the gland or the appearance of neoplasms. If a man lives without sex for a long time, he needs to masturbate for preventive purposes. To maintain health, 2 times a week is enough.

Urologists and sexologists do not recommend a complete replacement for masturbation for sex. Because more muscles are involved during sex, and blood circulates much better.

General lifestyle guidelines

If you are sitting, supplement your daily activity with exercise. Reducing the risk of prostate inflammation requires more than just taking preventative measures, changing your daily routine and habits.

Use the following instructions:

  1. Walk more.
  2. Give up bad habits.
  3. Have sex regularly.
  4. Make it soft.
  5. Visit saunas and baths.
  6. In the fall and spring, be sure to wear underwear and underwear.
  7. After using the toilet and sex, wash yourself.
  8. Eat wisely.
  9. Take a break.
  10. Do not get too tired, avoid stress.

It is also recommended to treat all diseases immediately, especially those related to the genitourinary system.

An advanced or chronic process in the body leads to a decrease in overall immunity.

The rest of the sanatorium-holiday

During a spa vacation, many activities are performed to maintain and improve health. Men who are prone to developing prostatitis or who have already had this disease are advised to visit health institutions every year. The following procedures will be helpful:

  • mud, salt or hot bath;
  • current mud swabs;
  • prostate massage;
  • use of mineral waters;
  • Benefits of mineral water for preventing prostatitis
  • lfk;
  • walking in the race;
  • climatotherapy.

Sanatoriums have been set up specializing in urological problems to prevent and treat inflammation. They diagnose the condition of the prostate.

Depending on the results, the man is assigned a diet, the use of vitamins and medicines.

It is not recommended to use this therapy during relapse (worsening) and chronic prostatitis. In this case, physiotherapy can only damage and worsen the condition of the prostate gland.

Risks of prostate complications

The prostate is believed to be "a man's second heart", so its dysfunction leads to a host of pathological processes in the body. With inflammation, testosterone production is impaired, which helps reduce libido.

Lack of treatment or use of traditional medicine methods without consulting a doctor provokes the following complications:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • complete lack of urination;
  • spread of the inflammatory process in the urethra, bladder, kidneys;
  • decreased lust, impotence;
  • infertility
  • ;
  • malignant neoplasms.

With prolonged urinary disorders, persistent pain, and lack of sexual activity, a man develops psychological instability. He becomes nervous and focuses on his problem. It is possible to restore lust and establish a sex life in such conditions only after long-term treatment with a psychotherapist.

Preventing prostatitis is much easier than curing it. Therefore, doctors recommend to adhere to the right lifestyle. Active sports, balanced diet and regular sex will help maintain men's health. After 30 years, you need to drink special vitamin complexes, limit alcohol consumption.